“Impressions of the Tavis Smiley Event”

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Uncategorized


This morning, I accompanied my ole’ Earth to the “We Count/The Black Agenda in America” event. It was held here in C-Medina, at Chicago State University. As one would expect, many of the particpants in this discussion were usual suspects: Jesse Jackson, Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, & Minister Farrakhan, just to name a few. The purpose of the discussion was to address the need for President Obama to embrace a black agenda, to articulate what the agenda is, and determine how best to advance it. Naturally the stage was set for an interesting discussion, which it was, but I think the impact it will have is debatable.

The event can be viewed at ustream.tv/tavissmiley and I highly encourage you to do the knowledge and pass the information on. It will also be broadcast on C-SPAN this coming Monday @ 7:30cst (according to my information). Now that the prelimenary formalities are out of the way, let’s build! One of the key points the panelists highlighted was that black people are bred to be led. Whether we wait on elected officials, white Jesus, the next black leader, or the mystery God, the 85% consistently wait to be given jobs and opportunities, among other things. My NGE readership will see the knowledge knowledge degree in the 1-40 reflected in that reality. As opposed to saving self, a lot of black people thought that Obama was gonna get in the “WHITE” House and save them. It hasn’t happened & it won’t happen. Even more telling is the fact that he couldn’t if he wanted to. The reason being that he’s roped and bound by the white power elite who truly run this country, as he does not. With that said, it’s absolutely imperative that original people learn to look inward vs looking outward or upward for the answers to their problems. To show and prove this idea, the panel discussed the economic stimulus. They cited data from Ohio State University’s Kirwan Institute Study on race and the stimulus. I have yet to do the knowledge to the study, although I plan to this evening. However, the data supposedly shows how the stimulus hasn’t actually helped black people very much because those funds are being disproportionately allocated. The statement was made that while in the past month, the unemployment rate for white men has gone down, it has gone up for black men. Go figure.

Another point that was discussed at length, was the notion that Obama is the president of all of America vs black America exclusively. The general consensus was that while the aforementioned statement is true, Obama still has an obligation to reciprocate the love and support that black people showed him during his campaign. I agree. However, I knew that this wouldn’t happen. Not because he is unwilling, but rather unable to do so based on the fact that he can’t afford to piss off white people & elicit within them the fear that he is driven by “black revolutionary” or civil rights motives. Minister Farrakhan built strong on the reality that Barack was chosen to continue the management of white affairs, and that the most we will get as a collective, without forcing his hand, will be a minimal trickle down benefit once the funding and opportunities have been funneled through the other interest groups up to whom we look from the bottom of the totem pole. He also reiterated the absurdity of begging the colored man to give us anything. He’s always had to be forced, every white president that has relinquished to us a fraction of what we deserve was forced, and therefore Obama must be forced. It’s not wrong or insensitive to hold him to high expectations. His election in and of itself showed and proved that elevation knows no glass ceiling. Consequently, he must continue to show and prove as opposed to suddenly bumpin’ his head on one that still doesn’t exist. His predecessors have shed blood, given their lives, all they had and all within their power to see this day when a black man could rise to this position. So the bottom line is he must decide how much he’s willing to give in order to truly make an indelible mark on the presidency which will endure beyond his term.

I was struck by the extreme focus on the president and everything that he should and is supposed to do for us. For my taste, not enough was discussed about what we could and should do for self besides voting. I wonder when will these so-called leaders come to realize that reliance on the electoral process as a cure for what ails us is searching for that which does not exist. The revolution must start from the inside out. By that I mean that more of us need to learn civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self and the science of everything in life, love, peace, and happiness. The civilized must seek out avenues through which their duty can be done and do it. If it doesn’t start in the mind then it won’t be made manifest via action. I don’t base my movement in the world or development of my self on what Obama or any other person does, or says. My culture is I-God and with the understanding of self as God I embrace the responsibility that comes along with that.

The last thing I wanna build on is the duality of responsibility. By that I mean responsibility for self and your brother and sister. We’ve come to be so self absorbed that many of us don’t think outside of ourselves. YOU can make a difference in the life of SOMEONE ELSE! Whether it be with a kind word or a loving act you can’t underestimate the potential of causation. Cause war to step aside for peace by advocating peace. Lift someone up when you see them down. If we don’t create our own agendas and allow our individual advances to interweave with the advancement of a collective agenda then we will remain stagnant.

SV allah

  1. InfiniteGod1 says:

    Excellent build. I concur that people(85%) sit idle and stagnate for relief or some form of benefit. What every happen to,” u don’t work u don’t eat?” Yea, that mystery shit goes farther then just a mystery God. The Obama election was a breath of fresh air b.u.t not the oxygen one needs to sustain life, meaning that was not and is not the answer to nigas problems. Economic developement, finanical stability, that is where one needs to build. With the resources we have within self. Once we get the ball rolling everything else will fall in order. It all begins and ends with self. We know the 5% knows this now we have to make knowledge born and this is the overall obstacle we face as poor rigtheous teachers. Peace.

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