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Genius with Baggage

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Over the course of my love I father equal, I’ve observed genius made manifest in various ciphers such as music, sports, activism, and academia to name a few. One of the common denominators among the cream of any given crop is the tendency to harbor deep scars based upon troublesome occurences from their past, which cause them to develop self destructive habits as their fame grows. This is the basis of the descriptive phrase “genius with baggage.” Because we put famous people on a pedestal, they tend to be extremely guarded in certain respects. They have so much riding on the public’s perception of them that they go to extreme lengths to ensure that they always put forward their best foot. As technology advances and intensifies the invasive capacity of  media, keeping those issues which are buried there veiled in a fine mist of secrecy becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, the dogged focus that an individual is able to direct toward performance becomes the Mecca of their mind and the only safehouse to which they can retreat and escape the poor part of fame and fortune. Let’s be real. Atheletes just want to play, musicians just wanna perform, philosophers just want to write & build etc…They don’t want to be role models, make guest appearances, or deal with any of the other corresponding menutia that comprises the periphery of stardom.

The sum total of variables present in the lives of famous people contribute to a reality that they typically find unpleasant. It’s all the more difficult to handle when there are unresolved issues from the past that said person has been running from since childhood. So how do these people tend to cope? You guessed it, drugs, alchohol, promiscuity, gambling, the list goes on and on. In many cases, which ever of the aforementioned vices becomes the dominant germ of their culture, is often the impetus for a downward spiral which in some cases, leads to death. Yacub did not build prison houses to imprison his people. Following his example, we should not build prison houses for our emotional baggage. These issues have to be resolved and taken off of the planet. If not, the degree to which we can maximize our potential will be diminished as will our ability to enjoy the fruits of our labor when we achieve success.  When the average person reaches a level of expertise in a given profession that separates them from most other people in the world, they develop a sense of discomfort in the world because the majority of other people in it don’t share their talent and therefore don’t have the capacity to comprehend the problems that come along with everything that it yields. That sense of lonliness causes them to repress their demons because the idea of sharing them computes as a potential act of futility.

We’re at a point in our society where everyone has some measure of dirt circulating about them. It’s almost a right of passage. Tiger Woods, Pacman Jones, Jim Tressel, and these are just examples from the world of sports. Whether a person does something to draw negative attention to themselves out of ignorance, or a date with a coping mechanism gone bad our original premise still stands. Usually, wherever you find genius you will find baggage attached.





Today’s jewel is happiness and for many in the wilderness of North America, it’s very difficult to come by, let alone sustain. It’s negative counterpart (unhappiness), manifests in countless different forms and continues daily to cause trouble among and within even the most righteous people. Life is a dichotomous chase in which unhappiness chases us while we chase hapiness. The negative angle of this square is a much more relentless and unpredictable predator. Once it sinks its talons into us we can remain its victim for years, months, and days if we aren’t careful. Unhappiness typically is a byproduct of dissatisfaction with aspects of our reality. What determines the length of its hold on us is our ability to systematically change, shape, & make sense of said reality. Those of us incapable of calling upon this power to refine our circumference are much more likely to seek escape when we experience trials and tribulations. Enter destroy rules, liquor, gambling, & the like. We all have vices, and depending on the degree to which we control them, they can be relegated to brief cognitive getaways which allow us to briefly take our minds away from our problems and the stress that they bring. The key variable is maintaining awareness of the fact that when we return the problem will still be there awaiting a solution. Some of us snap back into the swing of things and calculate our way through these ills. Others drift deeper into oblivion and become full blown savages in the pursuit of happiness, losing the knowledge of themselves as the beast way of life overtakes them.

I was reduced to tears last night by the story of such a person. I was doin’ the knowledge to a show on A&E called Intervention, which chronicles the lives of drug addicts and their families as they face the hills and mountains of such a tragic situation. The wisdom at the center of the story was a sista named Letisha. Even as an addict she was beautiful, as was her ole’ Earth, who was a recovered heroin addict. Crack was Letisha’s drug of choice and she smoked that shit like it was goin’ outta style. She started using when she was knowledge equality after she moved in with her grandparents due to her mom’s habit. Out of guilt, her mother allows her to smoke in her home, feeds, and generally enables her out of fear that if she stops, her daughter won’t come around her. Letisha has understanding beautiful seeds: Solomon, Sedhia, & Tuesday. It was the pain I saw ravaging them which stung me & caused me to distill. The thought of them being without her because she was out turnin’ tricks for crack money sickened me and hurt me deeply. They live in Kalamazoo MI which is a small town in which everybody knows everybody. The Queen’s lifestyle is no mystery to the hood. Tuesday had problems with classmates teasing her about her mom’s condition. As the therapist, the kids, Letisha, her ole Earth, & her uncle wept through this desperate attempt to rescue her from mental death I wept right along with them. I was overcome by so many thoughts and currents of allah I rule which converged and distilled upon my heart like a shockwave. I thought about how that rock has effected my family. My brother has been locked up for sellin’ it. My deceased aunt used to smoke it. The devil is a real live savage for lettin’ that shit loose on my people. The incalculable expanse of havoc that it’s wreaked on our community epitomizes devastation.

I called up my ole’ Earth to tell her how glad I was that she didn’t put me through what those babies are goin’ through. I could never thank her enough. We need to somehow find a way to lift those who are down up from hell to the right angle of self love. If the sun of man doesn’t come to their aid then they will continue havin’ hard times. Letisha & people like her need their own people to come and get them. Imagine if the Father didn’t make knowledge born to his first fruit. Most of us wouldn’t have knowledge of self today. It’s so imperative that we start to see one another as self so that we can elevate the universal self and do what’s best for “us.”

Pursuit of happiness is oftentimes a mind fuck. Based on our fear of unhappiness, we strive to enclose ourselves in a prison house whereby we can shut out reality’s harsher features. The idea being that chasing happiness will distract us so intensely that we’ll eventually forget that unhappiness is on our ass like Anderson Silva in top position. The fact is, unhappiness will catch up to us from time to time. It’s inevitable. What’s important is how we respond to it. Mathematics is the most fluid way to maneuver through it because any problem can be sized up and subsequently broken down. Instead of running, we need to confront the issue, get to the root of it, &take it off of the planet. We also need to stop being so self-centered and quick to scream self or savior. What if a person can’t save self or needs help? The wisdom of God borns the kingdom of patience where brothers and companions show and prove. I don’t know how niggaz can sit back idly and watch our babies waste their original potential away. The babies we don’t save today will give birth to more who need saving tomorrow.




The importance of having a solid understanding of the language we write and speak in the wilderness of North America can never be understated. Posession of said understanding allows us to thwart the devil’s attempts to deceive us via the devices of his bastard tounge, as he shows & proves his ways & actions to be like a snake of the grafted type. When 120 tells us that word is bond and bond is life, one of the basic messages being transmitted is that in many instances, words tend to precede deeds. This having been established it is wise to view the words of an individual or group as an announcement of forthcoming acts depending upon the context in which they are made manifest. Additionally, if the aforementioned acts have already been performed or are taking place in real-time, then the words used to chronicle these events will speak volumes about those who perpetuate them.

Linguistically speaking, English is a mut. It’s an amalgamtion of bits and pieces of many other languages and is riddled with ambiguity for this reason. Since it has no explicit definitive nature it can easily be manipulated in order to contour meaning based upon the situation at hand, while also concealing great deception in a cloak of verbal smoke and mirrors. One of the most common tactics of this sort is employed by businesses, governments, and the media. It involves the substitution of one word (which is an alleged synonym of another word) for a different word, in order to augment the concept the original word embodies. In order to bring more clarity to the build allow me to present an example. The two words that we will build on are right & privilege.

These two words are used interchangeably because they are categorized as synonyms even though they have distinct meanings which must be understood. In order to do so one must closely examine their respective definitions:

right-something that is due to a person or governmental body by law, tradition, or nature.

privilege-a special advantage, immunity, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste.

One of the first noteworthy aspects of our analysis is the fact that the word “right” shows up in the definition of “privilege” even though the definitions clearly illustrate  distinct differences between the two terms. In the definition of right we see it described as something that is due to a person or governmental body based upon an established regulation or statute which makes the inferred entitlement  indisputable, and therefore self-evident. Since the law or tradition in question affords the right the entitlement is not subject to the discretion of a judge or intermediary. Furthermore, anyone who has a right is equally justified in defending it because the definition doesn’t imply that any one person or group’s rights supercede those of another.

Conversely, privileges are much different by definition. As stated above, they are not due by law or tradition but rather they are granted to individual castes or classes of people. In other words, only people or groups that belong to such “special” collectives to whom these privileges are afforded get to have them. This suggests exclusivity and exclusive groups have specific criteria by which membership is granted or denied. The determination is discretionary and made by individuals who are considered said persons of that ability.

So now that our terms have been clearly defined let’s examine the way that they are applied for the purpose of deception. Within the world of sport atheletes are under the microscope of fans and the media. For this reason they face intense scrutiny and their every perceived transgression is relentlessly analyzed. When analysts and reporters lambast them for their inflated egos and corresponding attitudes of entitlement, the statement is frequently made that playing professional sports is a privilege and not a right. Needless to say I emphatically disagree, and contrarily contend that the opposite is the case. Any individual deemed said person of the ability to play a sport at the professional level has the right to do so upon having arrived at a business agreement to do so, as long as they don’t violate the terms of this agreement in a way which forfeits said right per a clause written therein. I will now show and prove.

Everything about sports is based upon competition. Players compete at different levels and those who do so at the highest level earn the right to do so. The process by which they do so is recorded in the form of empirical data which is reviewed by members of the governing bodies who select players based on how they stack up mathematically, according to this information. Once each team has completed their analysis and appraisal of the players based upon how they can potentially meet a team need, the next phase of the selection process begins, which is the acquisition of the player via draft, trade, or free agency. After the acquisiton comes the contractual agreement which is based upon negotiation, the underbelly of which are the team and player’s respective rights to pursue terms which are most financially beneficial to them. Privilege only enters the picture after the agreement has been reached and positions have been established. When the athelete becomes a professional, they enjoy special benefits correspondent to that status, a status which they attain, and retain, based solely on their quantifed ability which makes them qualified to perform the job. The law in this country grants every citizen the equal right to pursue employment opportunities and penalizes employers who are found guilty of denying this right. However, because the employer determines what privileges are attached to a given position, such as medical benefits and stock options, said privileges are only guaranteed if the employer sees fit to enter a binding agreement which stipulates this. If they don’t then these privileges can be granted or taken away based on the employer’s discretion.

So what we see here is a classic case of tricknowledge to which one can easily fall victim if they are not wise to the nature of the device employed. It is imperative that original people become more proficient in speaking, writing, and deciphering the English language. If we don’t then we won’t possibly be able to understand the ever-evolving methods by which the devil strives to master us. This will, in turn, translate to an inability to see (blindness) and the blind are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to lead in the right direction.



The prescribed law of Islam of said person of that ability, is that the civilized person is held responsible for the uncivilized and must be punished by the Nation of Islam. If we draw up Islam and reduce it to the acronym I Self Lord and Master, the operative wisdom words are I and Self. These words manage to connect rather frequently, even beyond the Asiatic vernacular of the Nation of Gods and Earths. They can most often be found in a sentence such as, “I will do it my self.” To make such a proclamation is to take on a justice cipher born and attach it’s completion to self. Word is bond, so when we say such things we have to back them up with action. This is not an option, but rather an obligation. Regardless of the fact that 120 can be interpreted in ways which are too numerous to quantify, the degrees also make certain things simple and plain. As such, it’s important that one who lives them out be adept at recognizing the fine line between taking things on face value, and accepting the clear directives to show and prove, which are embedded in certain degrees. According to the knowledge culture degree in the meat lesson, the uncivilized people are the 85%. The following two degrees identify the other two segments of the world population, however, of the three, only the 5% are charged with a responsibility to another segment, the 85%. The reason for this is that the 85% is the only group that doesn’t know who the true and living God is. The knowledge power degree infers that the 10% knows because if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t teach the poor lies to believe in a mystery God. Among the things that we teach are freedom, justice, and equality. The 85% need to be freed from a mental death and power, so that they can do themselves and the universe justice, and deal in equality with the rest of the world upon having been brought into the loop relative to the truth.

As our lessons drive home the specific dimensions of our duty to the uncivilized you will notice that there is no mention of any duty to one another. This is no coincidence. As civilized people with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, and refinement we should be very clear about the proper way to deal with one another and harmoniously co-exist. The point I’m striving to make is that we need to collectively be more focused on the 85% and making knowledge born to them…doing more things for them…showing and proving to them! Adding on with the universal family is a given, but if I spend more of my time carrying out my duty and fulfilling my responsibility to the uncivilized, I’ll feel more comfortable with this flag on my lapel because that’s how the fuck the devil gets murdered. I’ve stated in prior writings that I don’t give a damn about praise, acclaim, or adoration from this Nation for doing what the fuck my lessons tell me I’m supposed to do. It’s not warranted and is therefore unnecessary. The universal justice will deal me whatever rewards I’m entitled to, if any. Conversely, when I’m on some bullshit it will beat me with many stripes to insure that I get my black ass back firm on the square. Aside from Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, knowledge wisdom cipher, and 12 jewels I don’t bear witness to anything else that I’m bound to with regard to living out I-God culture. No outside opinions, pseudo-sanctioning bodies or individuals, none of that weak shit will I honor. The Father wasn’t roped and bound by any such constraints and refused to be, which is why he left the mosque and took mathematics to the muthafuckin’ streets. If it worked for the Father Allah then it works for me. I’m not a politician self cipher you will read no campaign speeches on this born love cipher god. I ain’t runnin’ for no office or competing in no popularity contests. What I’m strivin’ to do is live Allah’s Mathematics to the best of my ability, do my fuckin’ duty, and help this Nation grow.

On that note, I must confess that I’m extremely excited on this wisdom day of Justice U Love Why. This afternoon, the God Yasir Allah and myself will begin our first program at the Mecca Math and Science Center in C-Medina. All praise is due to the God for being just and true. As far as the Earth Misrak Aja I can hardly find the words. None of this would be possible without her and in spite of the toxic elements which have diluted, mixed, and tampered with the equality in C-Medina over the years, the queen just keeps showin’ and provin.’ This youth center is the most concrete proof that the black woman is Earth that my naked eye has ever seen. When I first walked in, to say that awe was inspired would be an understatement. I can hardly believe that the Earth’s work wouldn’t make the Father proud if not also shed tears. All I can say is keep building Earth. C-Medina and the universe needs you :0). Check it out .

Preme22 Allah